Money Mindset

  • Has the FIRE movement lost its way?
    In a recent episode of ChooseFI podcast (a favorite of mine), a visiting host (Katie, from talked about buying “a very nice car [a pre-owned Porsche Macan with 8,000 miles].” She was quick to acknowledge that this decision was “breaking the cardinal sin of FI/RE” but the main ChooseFI host, Brad, quickly said that … Continue reading Has the FIRE movement lost its way?
  • Calculating Functional Net Worth
    Net worth is a key measure of building wealth. I have been calculating my net worth since 2011 so I can see my progress over time, and it’s a really useful tool. Many people are familiar with calculating their net worth: you add up the value of all of your assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, real … Continue reading Calculating Functional Net Worth
  • The Meaning of “Millionaire”
    When host Regis Philbin asked his game show contestants and audience “who wants to be a millionaire?,” he tapped into a belief many of us learned as children, that a million dollars was the pinnacle of financial success.  I grew up on the rural eastern side of Washington State, and many people I knew were … Continue reading The Meaning of “Millionaire”
  • Taking the Leap — Living The FIgh Life
    On August 28, 2020 at 5:47 pm, at age 52, I declared my financial independence (FI), packed up my personal belongings and left my GS-15 job at the Department of Defense after 9 years of civil service and 20 years of active duty. How was I feeling? As you can see from the below video, … Continue reading Taking the Leap — Living The FIgh Life