• Frugality Increases Happiness
    And as a corollary, frugality does not mean deprivation, suffering, or unhappiness. Spending more does not equal more happiness just as spending less does not equal less happiness. While frugality is core to how we achieve FIRE, it does not have to mean a life of deprivation. The FIRE community is too creative for that. Setting … Continue reading Frugality Increases Happiness
  • Minimalism Changed Who I Am.
    I used to be a (aspiring) musician, cyclist, gardener, canner, soccer coach, coin collector, stamp collector, home owner, and DIY handyman.   I am no longer those things. I found that by selling, giving away, or otherwise disposing of my guitars, soccer gear, biking gear, coin and stamp collections, work files, house, and many, many, other … Continue reading Minimalism Changed Who I Am.